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Ziggy Pilots First Devices with ‘s Heeren Loo

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Early 2023, Ziggy Mobility and Dutch healthcare organisation ‘s Heeren Loo joined forces to pilot the first Ziggy prototypes.

Six locations participated in trialling these devices over a period of eight weeks, involving caregivers, clients, physiotherapists and behavioural scientists.

Job and Lucy (Ziggy) and Else van der plaats ('s Heeren Loo) kicking off the pilot
Job and Lucy (Ziggy) and Else van der Plaats ('s Heeren Loo) kicking-off the pilot

Caregivers were impressed by the change in communication between themselves and their clients with physical and mental disabilities, ‘a walk felt more like a we-activity, less controlling and more together’.

On the organisational level the innovation managers were excited; the caregivers walk at least once with every client per day, and with Ziggy giving more meaning to that activity, this can have a great impact.

The Ziggy team now accelerates in the final design steps, integrating the valuable feedback on the usability gained from the care homes.

This pilot has been a great experience for both Ziggy Mobility and ‘s Heeren Loo, giving invaluable insights into the workings of care homes and mobility products.

We are looking forward to extending this good relationship with ‘s Heeren Loo in the coming year!

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