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Ziggy Awarded €‎250.000 Financing from the Dutch Research Council (NWO)

Ziggy is delighted to have been awarded €‎250.000 of financing from the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek (NWO).

This funding enables Ziggy to undertake three key phases: full-CE marking with clinical trials, first customer, and (subsequent) scaling across the Netherlands. These phases are known as the Vroegfasetraject, or Early Phase Trajectory, and span approximately two years.

Making the leap from research to application can be challenging, and ensuring funding to do so is a vital part it. That is why the NWO Take-off grants exist - to bridge the funding gap and ensure valuable research results from Dutch universities come to fruition.

One year ago, Ziggy was awarded NWO Take-off 1: feasibility. This €40.000 grant precedes Take-off 2 and enables Dutch universities

to undertake a 6 month feasibility study with their new technology. For Ziggy, this funding kickstarted its presence within the Dutch MedTech landscape and highlighted the social, technical and commercial cases for Ziggy. This culminated in the establishment of Ziggy Mobility B.V. and an investment-ready business plan.

Along the way, projects with the Rehabilitation Medicine Department of Erasmus MC and Rijndam Revalidatie brought Ziggy closer to its users and towards a better product.

Looking forwards, Ziggy will kick-off with Take-off 2 on 2nd January 2023. Pilots with care organisations and then clinical trials mark the start of this new phase.

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