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How can Ziggy fit in your institution? Read about the impact Ziggy has at care organisations and find out how you can bring Ziggys to your organisation.

Ziggy in your organisation


Value for clients

  • Contact and communciation with caregiver

  • Feeling of safety with caregiver in-sight 

  • Sense of equality

Value for carers and therapists

  • “The feeling of unity and equality is enhanced"

  • Contact and communciation with client

  • Ability to react to client

Value for your organisation

  • Client-centred, value-driven care

  • Social product easily integrated in existing protocols 



Care supervisor

Are you a carer or therapist? Do you want more contact with clients? Download our Ziggy information pack below and forward it to your organisation.



Are you looking for new ways to improve care in your organisation?

Get in touch today.



Are you looking to purchase Ziggys for your institution? Get in touch today!

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