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A collaboration of engineers, clinicians, users and care institutions.

Introducing our team:

Meet Our Founding Team


Job Sesink

Co-Founder & CEO

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Lucy Bennett

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Co-Founder & CTO

Meet Our Advising Team and Ambassadors

Nicole van den Dries-Luitwieler

Founcer and coordinator of In Actie! and mother of a daughter with PIMD.

During her life and career Nicole has amassed experience by working, teaching and advocating for vulnerable groups.

Gerard Ribbers

Professor and Head of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Erasmus MC

The rehabilitation department of Erasmus MC intensively collaborates with TU Delft and Rijndam in the Convergence for Health and Technology initiative. Gerard is chair of this department, with Ziggy being the first start-up to come from this collaboration bringing together the knowledge of Erasmus MC, TU Delft and Rijndam Revalidatie.

Lotte Leufkens

Founder and CEO of CloudCuddle; business creating portable bedtents for the disabled care industry

As an expert in the disabled health care sector, Lotte advises Ziggy on the best ways to bring medical devices to the market.

Heike Vallery

Professor at TU Delft and Honorary Professor at Erasmus MC

As a full professor at TU Delft, Heike has been a key team member of Ziggy from the very beginning. Her research group, the Delft BioRobotics Lab, has provided an ideal environment for Ziggy to grow.

Matto Leeuwis

PhD Candidate in the Department of Neuroscience at Erasmus MC

In his masters thesis, Matto created a mathematical model of the Ziggy wheel. He now is undertaking his PhD at Erasmus MC as well as being an inventor on Ziggy's patent.

Bram Sterke

PhD candidate at Erasmus MC and TU Delft

Having brought multiple rehabilitation robots to market, Bram is in charge of the MDR and CE marking of Ziggy.

Michel Verkaik

Rehabilitation & adaptive technology specialist at 1Voudig

Years of experience making custom solutions for wheelchair users' requirements has led Michel to create solutions which truly work for the patient. Michel is assisting with technical product development.

Meet Our Partnering and Funding Organisations

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