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Exciting feedback from new Ziggy demos

Over the past year we have worked hard with a diverse team to optimize Ziggy - and the results are impressive! Not only has Ziggy been given a fresh new look, it is now easier to steer and to retrofit.

's Heeren Loo's client-run radio station, Omroep VED, filmed and edited an 'after video'

In collaboration with 's Heeren Loo, we tried out the new Ziggy at their residential care centre in Ermelo. Ziggy once again transformed the way we push wheelchairs: side-by-side strolling, parallel conversations, a feeling of equality.

To assess the impact of Ziggy, we gathered the responses of three key experts involved in the care of wheelchair users.

  1. Direct caregivers felt that they could maintain better and longer contact with their clients by using Ziggy.

  2. An associated behavioural scientist reported that equal contact was facilitated through Ziggy; this gave the client a sense of calm and security.

  3. Physio and occupational therapists confirmed that Ziggy conformed to working condition standards.

At Ziggy Mobility, our focus is now on the final few steps in bringing Ziggy to the market; these include CE-marking and manufacturing.

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