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Introducing Ziggy: the simple accessory for complex interactions

Side-by-side strolling which bring people together. Developed by engineers, doctors and carers.

Why side-by-side strolling?


Feels natural and allows for non-verbal communication


Brings people together



Places wheechair user and caregiver as equals


Our Story

The spark for Ziggy came in 2019 with Nicole, physiotherapist, and Yrsa, her daughter:

"More and more often we noticed that our 18-year old daughter, Yrsa, who has profound intellectual and mental disabilities wants more contact with us. She frequently turns her head around to glimpse us. She also makes some noise  - even though she cannot talk - as if she wants to call for us. Through this behaviour, I realised how little contact there actually is when you are pushing a wheelchair from behind - when walking together is an especially social activity.”

I could finally walk next to my husband again instead of behind. It feels more equal

- Wheelchair user

Then I can walk next to my clients who may be suffering from a seizure

- Day care supervisor

My daughter always wants to hold my hand and constantly looks back to look for me

- Mother of daughter with PIMD

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Alternatively, if you are an instiution, get in touch via our organisations form.

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